About VolunQuest

Who we are and what we do

VolunQuest works in association with the Ministry of Education of Quintana Roo, Mexico to provide our teachers with a highly accredited and internationally recognized teacher certification, while gaining authentic teaching hours in the nationally accredited public primary school system in Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

VolunQuest is the first private organization in the Republic of Mexico to give English lessons in the public schools. We provide the ONLY opportunity for foreigners to teach within the public school system in Mexico. VolunQuest has years of experience working closely with the local community and governments to ensure a mutually beneficial situation between its members and our teachers.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide an exemplary teacher training experience abroad that mutually enriches the local community and the lives of our program participants.

How do we do this?

We accomplish this by fulfilling the need for English teachers in the public primary schools of Isla Mujeres with aspiring teachers looking to gain valuable experience and an unrivaled TEFL teacher certification abroad.

For the children in this popular tourist destination, learning English is a necessity, not a luxury. Our students need to learn English in order to become successful members of their economy and society. Unfortunately, the same reason why English has become so necessary in Isla Mujeres is the very reason why it has been impossible in the past to provide quality English teachers in the schools. Individuals that hold a college degree and have a high working knowledge of the English language make nearly four times more working in the tourism industry, which dominates 90% of the economy, than if working in the public schools.

Our program participants are given the unique opportunity to earn a TEFL teacher certification and authentic teaching hours, while truly giving back to a population that would otherwise become marginalized from a society that they have belonged to for many generations.

Training and supervision throughout the program is provided by our fully on-location staff, who are there to ensure our teachers learn and grow as educators with VolunQuest. All program participants will receive a TEFL Certificate (4 week minimum) or a certification for teaching hours completed (2 week minimum) and a letter of recommendation upon successful completion of the program, which will be beneficial for all of their future scholastic and professional goals.

The English Curriculum

To teach English in one of the public primary schools in Isla Mujeres, training, supervision and certification are REQUIRED through our written agreements with the Mexican Ministry of Education.

We are the first private organization in the Republic of Mexico to give English lessons in the public schools. This is executed in direct coordination with the SEyC (Secretaria de Educación y Cultura de Quintana Roo, México) and is based on the same high educational standards and requirements. All of our participants are trained in an English curriculum, which is based on European standards, and upon completion furnishes our volunteers with an internationally recognized TEFL teacher certification.


Unlike other TEFL certifications, VolunQuest offers authentic and accredited teaching hours in the national school system in Mexico. When applying for TEFL jobs abroad, employers are not only looking for a quality certification, but also real teaching experience and the ability to create original materials and follow curriculums.

After participating on one of VolunQuest’s programs you will feel confident when applying for TEFL jobs at home and internationally, in both private and public sectors. Employers will be impressed by your working knowledge and your expertise, making it much easier for you to be selective of the TEFL jobs that you apply for.

Before leaving the program, VolunQuest instructors will give you real world advice to researching and applying for paying TEFL jobs. Our previous participants are currently teaching English in nearly every continent of the world.