Accommodations for VolunQuest Program Volunteers

Living in a homestay allows you to truly immerse yourself in the local culture. Homestays offer the opportunity to eat the local food, practice your Spanish, make local friends, and gain a sense of integration and belonging in the community. We place our volunteers with carefully screened host families who are passionate about the work that VolunQuest does in the community. The host family experience allows for a mutually beneficial situation between the locals and volunteers. Private housing is also available upon request.

Home-stays include:

  • A private room
  • Weekly cleaning of the room
  • Private/shared bathroom (depending on the home-stay)
  • Breakfast and dinner 6 days a week (lunch provided at the schools)

Our host families can cater to a variety of special requests, including dietary restrictions.  We can also arrange for couples or friends to live in a shared-room homestay, which lowers the price of the program, but availability is limited.  Although we greatly encourage our volunteers to stay with host families, pricing for more private accommodation is available upon request. Please contact us at for pricing and more information.

Program Scholarship – Shared Intern Housing

Isla Mujeres

The local government provides a spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house that is shared by 4 interns. The shared bedroom will be occupied by interns of the same gender. The house comes complete with all basic furnishings, and is located in the same community where you will be working. The housing is within 20 minutes walking or biking distance from all 4 schools.