Best Roommate Ever!

My roommate Nikki

~ By Rachel

Before I arrived in Isla I was aware of what the living arrangements would be for the house. There are three bedrooms, four teachers and I was to be sharing a room with a girl from England called Nikki.

I’ve shared rooms plenty of times in my life so I was happy with this. However it can still be quite worrying knowing that you will be with this person for the next 3 months, together practically all of the time.

I got to the island two weeks before Nikki so I had some time to settle and get used to my new surroundings. We had spoken a few times in emails and from the chat she seemed lovely. My judgement was spot on. Honestly hit the jackpot with having her as my roommate. Although she is five years younger than I am we have similar outlooks on our lives, goals and experiences. For example we both traveled Spain and Portugal this summer, even going to the same festival in Portugal! So I knew instantly from meeting her that we would be great together!

rachel-4We are both on slightly different schedules with our teaching hours, as she starts an hour before me and I work a bit later in the afternoon. At night though we’re in sync with our routines. We tend to sit on our own beds either doing work, watching something on our laptops or reading a book then lights out about 9.30pm! Need our beauty sleep, especially on a school night!

Then at the weekends we’re out and about on our matching bikes, with our matching backpacks and the same idea of having a good time!

We’ve also had our moments in the room, such as trying to kill the biggest cockroach ever, which was both equally terrifying and hilarious!

So far it has been great fun being here with Nikki as she is such an interesting and fun character who I know I will always keep in touch with. We are even planning to travel together after here, with our matching little backpacks!!