Celebrating Island Life

Celebrating Island Life

~ By Brittain

Time is really flying! It’s hard to believe our fourth month on the island has come and gone. April went by so quickly. We had two full weeks off from school for Semana Santa and a celebration at the end of the month for Dia del Nino. It was a quick but exciting month!

The incredible views and nature aren’t the only things that make Isla so beautiful and special.
The community is so welcoming and generous; it never ceases to amaze me! Just this month we’ve had so many great experiences in the community. For Earth Day, we volunteered with the community to clean up the Island. Hundreds of volunteers came out to clean up the beaches and ocean. Together, we collected hundreds of pounds of waste from the Island. It was such a memorable day having everyone come together to better the community.

We were also invited to our neighbor’s birthday celebration. Our whole neighborhood came together to celebrate his 75th birthday! There were tacos, music and a lot of dancing. It was an afternoon to remember!

The celebration for Dia del Nino was probably my favorite day of the month! It was a whole day at school dedicated to celebrating the children. There were tacos, clowns, prizes, piñatas, music and dancing! The parents brought all sorts of things for the celebration. Cupcakes, candy, games, toys galore! We brought piñatas for the kids that were stuffed with pencils, erasers and other school supplies. At first I thought they might be upset that candy wasn’t pouring out. But much to my surprise, they were EXTATIC when they saw what was inside! It was so nice to spend the day celebrating and getting to know my students even more.

When I think about how quickly time is going by, I can’t help but remind myself how lucky I am to be here in Isla with my incredible students. I’ve been trying to make the most of every day and appreciate everything for what it is.

The island has a way of reminding me just how beautiful life is, and it constantly reminds me just how lucky I am to be spending these 6 months here. Between the crystal clear water, ocean views and SPECTACULAR sunsets, the island’s beauty is impossible to go unnoticed.

Aside from the different holidays and events designated for celebrating, I’ve found that there is always something to celebrate and appreciate here in Isla. Weather it be a sunset or an interaction with a student, there is always something that can be celebrated. Overall, I’m a bit sad that my time on the island is going by so quickly. But, I’m incredibly grateful for every single day that I have here! The island is such a beautiful place with the most beautiful people, and I’m just really grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it for these 6 months.