Dia de los Niños

The day of the children

~ By Monica

Dia de los Niños. The day of the children. What an experience to have as an English teacher to these extremely deserving children! It was great to witness the community come together to help provide piñatas for each of our grades in every single school that we teach at. Since we teach 1st-6th grade in the four public primary schools it came out to 44 piñatas in total! I’m still amazed at how quickly the community came together to accomplish such an impressive task.

The best part for us was to decorate our hair with neon pipe cleaners and travel by piñata-stuffed golf cart to each of our different schools throughout the day. When we arrived at our schools it was so fun to be around our kids in a celebratory environment! Every classroom had snacks, decorations, and tons of happy children. Not to mention a piñata provided by your friendly neighborhood English teachers! Whichever school we went to one of us was the “celebrity” of the hour. We got to say hello to all of our kids, give them a piñata for the classroom, and were buried in hugs. I’m pretty sure I was wearing the biggest smile on my face the entire day. I was so proud to show off my kids to my fellow teammates while also getting a chance to meet all of theirs.

Celebrating Dia de los Niños was such a rewarding way to display how much we love the kids we teach. It was our chance to be silly and show them how fun we can be even when we aren’t standing in the front of the classroom. Honestly for me the feeling of celebrating with our students and teachers at our school was comparable to Christmas. Even though it was lacking snow and people I’m related to, I felt so loved and loving. I don’t think I saw a face that was anything but joy on that day. Thank you to the teachers, community, and everyone else that was involved in making our kids feel so happy and special!