Dia del Niño and the community

Dia del Niño and the community

~ By Stephan

In Mexico, Children’s Day (“Dia del Niño”) is celebrated on April 30th. This is the day that children are honored in Mexico. On this day, teachers organize the day for their children in school. It is such an important event that in some schools, lessons are suspended for the day. The teachers organize games, there is music, and the children bring in their favorite foods to share with others.

Some families also have a day out with their children. There are even special activities for the children in local parks and sports centers. In most cases, the children will be given gifts by their families. The day is full of festivities for the children. Needless to say that el Día del Niño has grown as an annual celebration throughout Mexico. Associations also dedicate this day to charity. They collect donations and give them out to children in the schools and to other children in need.

Since Día Del Niño fell on a Saturday, we celebrated it in our school a few days early. It was wonderful because we had a roomful of piñatas to fill for the children. Most were donated to us by people who live on the island here in Isla Mujeres. It’s wonderful to see the community coming together so that the children can have an amazing day full joy and laughter. The children had the time of their lives.
I also had the pleasure of going to an island called Holbox this past weekend.  I was able to witness Día Del Niño in the community when I and the other interns had gone out to dinner in downtown Holbox. There were several older men hanging piñatas in the town square and they were also filling totes with chips and putting out tables full drinks for adults and children.

At about 9:00pm, families began to fill the square. Parents brought their children and formed a line to take their turn at hitting the piñata. There were three piñatas and all the children got a chance to hit and receive candy. There was more fun awaiting the children. When it was all over and the children collected their candy, a gentleman threw candy from hi balcony. He also threw soccer balls and other play balls for the children.

It is nice to see how on this day the community recognizes children, pays homage to their importance in society, and endorses their well-being. On Children’s Day, the main focus is on the children and making them feel special.

It is an exceptional festivity that is full of laughter and play. We, as adults, are reminded of our childhood and its importance. We tend to forget as adults of the joy and simplicity of life. We forget to keep things simple and on this day more than others, we are reminded to have fun and keep it simple in life.