English Workbooks Arrive!

We are so excited!


This past week, the director of the English Department from Chetumal arrived to observe our English classes and distribute new English workbooks that follow the national PNIEB curriculum. After classes ended on Thursday evening parents and students arrived to Julio Sauri Primary to take part in the event. We were joined by the President of the island, directors from all primary schools, Secretary of Labor and other island officials who were egar to see the progress that the students have made already in their English studies and to help promote the program here on the island. During the event students sang their newest english song “I wake up!” which coordinated with Daily Routines vocabulary. The next few days at the schools the President of Volunquest and Teachers came to each school to individually pass out book and help write names. We are so excited to start using them and the students said they are looking forward to having english homework! (haha)