Exploring Isla Mujeres

Learning about the amazing places you can visit on Isla

~ By Gloria

Moving to a new place is always very exciting because there is so much to explore. It has been an amazing to learn about Isla Mujeres, experiencing the culture of a close community and observing their ways of life. I have biked on all sides of the 13 km long island. At the north side, you can enjoy a relaxing beach day at Playa Norte, and walk along the pedestrian street lined with little stores and restaurants. Along the south side there are many things to explore such as the sea turtle conservancy, Mayan ruins at Punta Sur and incredible large cliffs near the water.

Currently, my favourite place on the island is the Caribbean coast, which is less than a 10 minute walk from our house. With a few steps from the street, climbing down small cliff rocks to find soft white sand at your feet and many unique sea shells all over. The noise of the people and cars fade away and the sounds of nature come alive. Looking out to the vast amount of water with the ocean waves crashing every moment, and the wind blowing in the air.

It is also quite amazing venturing to the coast at night. Being on an small island, there is little light pollution, making it usually very easy to see the stars. Listening to the ocean and looking  above to the stars and constellations is serene. I have seen Orion, the Little Dipper, Big Dipper, Cassiopeia and many more. But what grabs my attention the most are the shooting stars, burning meteors entering our atmosphere. Sitting by the Caribbean sea, day or night, is a must see!