TEFL Certification Program FAQs

Please contact us at info@volunquest.com if you have additional questions.

Yes. Please see all of our Program fees here.

Unfortunately, this is not a possibility. Through our written contracts with the government, it is required for all English teachers in the public schools in Isla Mujeres to be trained, supervised and certified in VolunQuest’s teaching curriculum.

No. All volunteers will always be teaching with one of our interns/scholarship recipients and possibly another program participant. There is constant supervision and collaborative lesson planning throughout the program.

All training and supervision will be provided for you. Experience is what we hope our teachers gain from working with VolunQuest, not what we expect you to already have.  Along with your certificate, we even include letters of recommendation to help volunteers in their future professional and scholastic endeavors, including finding paid TEFL jobs abroad. What we do require from our volunteers is a drive and a passion for the field of education.

During a 2-3 week program you will still earn a certificate from the Mexican Ministry of Education, but only for teaching hours completed in the schools. You will also go through a condensed version of the coursework.

The TEFL certification with VolunQuest is a minimum for 120 hours, a longer and more intensive teacher-training course, and includes graded teacher evaluations and assignments. TEFL certifications are required from most international employers to teach English abroad.

Yes! We have created both programs so that you can split your time to complete them. If you complete a 2-3 week program, you can come back within a two-year period to complete the additional 1-2 weeks necessary for your TEFL certificate. The additional cost is $350 USD per week and $100 USD for the certificate.

Most certificates to teach English as a Second Language do not properly prepare the teacher for the real world. VolunQuest prides itself on giving an unparalleled teaching experience that leaves its participants ready to work internationally in both private and public sectors. What are some of the things unique to VolunQuest’s TEFL?

  • A letter of recommendation showing authentic teaching hours in publically accredited schools to be used for future TEFL job applications
  • Real experience lesson planning
  • Supervised training creating original materials
  • Collaborative lesson planning following a curriculum that is based on European standards.
  • Authentic teaching hours with REAL students!

No. Our directors and interns, who act as volunteer supervisors, are all required to hold an upper intermediate-level of Spanish. We have designed our programs specifically to help volunteers increase their Spanish language abilities while on the program.

*To qualify for the Program Scholarship you must hold an upper intermediate-level of Spanish.

Yes! While there are no guarantees, you are certainly welcome to apply together. Please fill out one application per participant.

Of course! Some of our groups come back every year and so far have included non-profits, Universities and church groups. Please contact a Program Advisor for more information and to customize a package.

All of our positions with VolunQuest are non-lucrative, volunteer positions. Thus, you are not required to get a Visa before coming to Mexico. Upon arrival, you will be granted a 180-day Tourist Visa, which allows you to stay and volunteer in Mexico for up to 6 months. 10 month GAP Year participants will need to apply for a Mexican student visa.

Volunteers are not required to sign a contract, but do agree to the program’s terms and conditions upon applying to the program. However, applicants who are awarded the Program Scholarship are required to sign a contract prior to arrival.

Yes we do occasionally, but we only announce them through our newsletter. Sign up today to receive updates on discounts and opportunities.

Yes, we offer partial refunds if for some reason you must cancel your trip. Please read our Terms and Conditions.

No. VolunQuest is a private educational institution and is not registered as a non-profit. We do not personally take monetary donations, but can offer you guidance to where on the island financial support would be used properly and be beneficial to the community. We do take material donations of school supplies to use and distribute in the public schools. Please read more about our Outreach Programs here and you can find our Wish List here.