TEFL Certification Program FAQs

Please contact us at info@volunquest.com if you have additional questions.

All training and supervision will be provided for you. Experience is what we hope our volunteers gain from working with VolunQuest, not what we expect you to already have.  Along with your certificate, we even include letters of recommendation to help volunteers in their future professional and scholastic endeavors. What we do require from our volunteers is a drive and a passion for the field of education.

You will never be volunteering alone.  We have a rolling acceptance of volunteers, and a constant presence of interns throughout the year. However, if you want to come at the same time as several other volunteers, we host the most during our summer camp.  Summer camp dates depend on the official release date of the public primary schools, but are typically from the middle of July until the middle of August.

Yes! While there are no guarantees, you are certainly welcome to apply together.

No. Our directors and interns, who act as volunteer supervisors, are all required to hold an intermediate-level of Spanish. We have designed our package specifically to help volunteers increase their Spanish language abilities while on the program by offering homestays who are coached to create the most natural and comfortable language learning opportunities for our volunteers. *To qualify for the Program Scholarship you must hold an intermediate-level of Spanish.

Yes. The certificate offered by VolunQuest is accredited through the Mexican Ministry of Education.

Volunteers are not required to sign a contract, but do agree to the program’s terms and conditions upon accepting the position. However, applicants who are awarded the Program Scholarship are required to sign a contract prior to arrival.

All of our positions with VolunQuest are non-lucrative, volunteer positions. Thus, you are not required to get a Visa before coming to Mexico. Upon arrival, you will be granted a 180-day Tourist Visa which allows you to stay and volunteer in Mexico for up to 6 months.

No. Eating with your host family is greatly encouraged, as it establishes a sense of belonging to the community and an appreciation for the culture. If you would like to arrange to miss a dinner at home during the week, you can arrange a replacement meal on Sunday. These arrangements must be agreed upon in advance with your host-family.

No. Our interns are required to live in the shared intern housing.

Yes, we offer partial refunds if for some reason you must cancel your trip. Please read “Terms and Conditions”.