Halfway There

Living on a Prayer that Time Slows Down!

~ By Maggie

We are officially halfway through, and I cannot believe that means we only have three months left on this beautiful island with incredible people, super smart and creative kids, and of course the pristine beaches and sunsets! With that being said, I have already started becoming nostalgic of this place and all the things I will miss when I am gone. The first thing that comes to mind is the very first thing that greets me every morning…and that is the smiling faces, hugs and greetings from all the kids as I walk into school. All the kids run up yelling, “good morning, teacher” or “how are you, teacher”- absolutely pumped to be practicing their English and show off their skills. The same goes for when students see you at the grocery store or passing by on a moto with their parents…all you hear is “teacher, teacher!” I can say I definitely have an understanding of the phrase “famous in a small town” now!

One of the other many things I know I will miss is having such a meaningful purpose. I have never felt like what I am doing has had such an important and helpful impact than being here teaching English to children that actually want to learn. With this being my first experience as a teacher, I could not have asked for a more fulfilling position.

Another thing about the island I know I will be sure to miss is the way of life…nothing is rushed and frantic like a lot of city-life in the states. Everything is “tranquila” and the people here all care about and look out for each other. Not only that, I will really miss using and practicing my Spanish. In school, it is second nature to ask a question in English and get a million answers back in Spanish…it will be strange only having one language to deal with!

All of these things among others, like the beaches and sunsets and weather (when it is not deathly hot!), are the things that I have grown to love and become accustomed to, and the thought of already being halfway done is already making me miss it!