Hasta Luego

Nos Vemos Pronto

~ By Tara

I had only been graduated for three months before I discovered VolunQuest and applied for the program. I had no idea what I was looking to do after graduation and felt overwhelmed with change. When I stumbled across this internship, I know it was the next change I needed in my life. I remember feeling anxious five months ago to teach for the first time and nervous to meet my new roommates, coworkers and students.

Now flash forward to the present and I have three days left on the island and I have already said many goodbyes. I have started over in many places already in my life, however, of all of my experiences this will be the hardest place to leave behind. The island is a magical and tranquil place, which taught me to be patient, enjoy every moment to the fullest and make the most out of unfortunate situations. My students were full of unconditional love and made it worth waking up every morning at 6 a.m. and biking to school. Teaching was completely new to me and by being here I became braver to try new things that intimidate me. VolunQuest gave me the resources and support I needed to be the best teacher I could be and I will be forever grateful for how much I have learned and grown in this role. I have gained confidence and independence as a result of the program and their guidance. My roommates were the perfect mix of personalities for a collaborative work environment and the best of friends when it came to enjoying our free time.

I have asked myself many times if it is normal to feel this sad before leaving a place and I have come to the conclusion that it is only hard to leave because we made the most of our time here. We developed meaningful relationships, created exciting memories and will forever have a place to come home to. So as my time here is coming to an end, I have decided that no matter how sad I am, that I am lucky that I have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. To my wonderful kiddos and teachers at Andrés, my roommates, directors and friends in Isla Mujeres – this is only a see you later. I will miss you all, but I know I will see you again soon. Nos vemos pronto!