Isla Animals!

Isla animals and the new clinic in Rancho Viejo

~ By Nikki

Nikki-1Since coming to Isla Mujeres, myself and the other interns have visited Isla animals in our spare time. On my first visit it was a very emotional experience having an insight into the current situation for many dogs within Mujeres. Isla Animals rescues stray dogs that have been disowned or left on the streets. Their stories of suffering are extremely moving and at times overwhelming. One particular dog called Fanny caught my attention: a beautiful sandy colour with bright blue eyes. His story was traumatizing: Fanny was abandoned and tied up by his previous owner. He had pulled so hard on the rope to escape that when Isla animals found him the rope had severed deep through his skin. He had to have intense surgery and stiches to fix the wound and was lucky to survive. And yet what amazed me the most about Fanny was how happy and friendly he seemed to be. He wasn’t scared when you reached out to stroke him, and there seemed to be no anger or hatred of humans even after what he had experienced. It was beautiful. It shows how easily dogs can forgive us for our actions. Every time I visit I take him out on a walk, as well as the other dogs at Isla animals. Even though the rescue center is only small, they have managed to help so many dogs, and the large amount that have been adopted/up for adoption is incredible.

On Sunday we took a trip over to Rancho Viejo in Cancun to volunteer for a few hours at the newly developed Animal clinic. They were working on sterilizing at least 300 hundred more cats and dogs over the course of the weekend. When we walked in it was very overwhelming and chaotic, but in a good way. We immediately began assisting wherever possible. You have to get over the initial fear as cutting toenails, cleaning and shaving the animals can be quite difficult for your first time. But once you get stuck in it comes naturally, and the cause is all worth it. There were queues of people outside waiting for their animals to come in, and dogs/cats were placed on big tables under anesthetic to finish cleaning and to wait for their owners to arrive back. All the animals were adorable! There were two white puppies up for adoption and I had a real temptation to adopt one. If only it was easy for me to take one on my travels, let alone back to England. But it did make me realize how as soon as I am ready for a dog, I will only adopt a rescue dog.