Island Fever

The island and the locals

~ By Stephan

It has been a little over two months since setting “camp” here on Isla Mujeres.  When I think about it- about time, I find it hard to believe that I have been here that long. It feels like I have always been here sometimes.

I have enjoyed teaching English to my students, getting to know them and getting to know their parents. I have also met many wonderful people in the community who have made me feel at home. It’s amazing how quickly they all welcomed us. I see my students everywhere and they get such joy from seeing me and talking to me. The parents thank us constantly for coming here and teaching their children English. They realize the importance of the language in the future of their children and I can only feel humbled by their gratitude and graciousness.

Of course, that is not to say that I don’t miss home, my family or some of the luxuries that we take for granted in the States; but then I wake up to the bright weather, island breeze and think of the kids that are waiting to learn and I feel energized and excited to be part of this wonderful community and its people.

The island is beautiful. I’m constantly discovering new places and things. I think I could live here for a year and find something new to appreciate every day. Just being this close to nature  and being able to see the sunrise over the  Caribbean sea, the clear waters, and the rocky coast every morning is nothing short of awe-inspiring.  The locals and specifically my neighbors have been wonderful. They have extended their hospitality to me and welcomed me as part of their community.

I love getting up early, going for a run and catching the sunrise then going back to the house for some breakfast and a few hours of going over my lesson plans. Sometimes, in the afternoon, I like to go for long walks and leisurely explore the island. I have found one spot that is my favorite. It is a trail, slightly hidden, that leads to an edge by the coast a few stories up from the beach. It is near the southern tip of the island and the view is amazing! I could sit above it all and just relax as the sun goes down across the beach

The beaches here are beautiful! Soft sand, tropical trees, island breeze. Ha! Ha! It sounds like a song in the making. I find myself spending almost every weekend at the beach just swimming and soaking it all in or walking around and exploring.