Kindness is free

Never stop doing strange things with weird people

~ By Kate

The time is passing so quickly here on the island. I am forcing myself to take advantage of every moment and every day I have here. We recently finished our 3 week summer camp which was an amazing adventure with the most intelligent little kiddos! It was so nice to get into the swing of things through a fun and creative camp where we could combine our interests and passions with what the island has to offer.

We had 2 weeks off to travel and lesson plan before school started August 22nd. The other teachers and I went to Tulum, which is another beach town on the mainland, about 2 hours from Cancun. It is such a cool little place filled with hippies and a very natural vibe. We explored cenotes and visited the beaches, drank fresh squeezed juices and stayed at a friend’s super cool treehouse. Although I loved Tulum, I missed my little island.

On my way back to the island, I stopped in Cancun to pick up my two best friends from back home that came to visit. They were here for 4 days and I had a bunch of plans to take them around the island, to Playa del Carmen and to cenotes. However, after they spent a day on the island, they knew they wanted to stay longer and experience it more. I had a realization about how much this little place has to offer. We ended up staying on the island, beaching it up, making an appearance at a random Mexican birthday party and dancing the night away. My friends’ reactions of amazement to the island made me so proud to call this place a temporary home. Not only were they able to see the touristy side of the island, but also the local side. I love how they were able to open their eyes to the real Isla Mujeres.

Sometimes what is planned doesn’t go as planned and most of the time it always turns out better than expected. The best experiences come from random birthday parties, unexpected adventures and quesadillas from the stand on the corner. The best wrinkles and weird scars come from traveling, random explorations and jumping off cliffs into cenotes. The best sore legs are from biking down the Mexican highway and dancing all night until the sun comes up. Never stop doing strange things with weird people.

“No matter how many plans you make or how much in control you are, life is always about winging it.”