Mi Casa Es Su Casa

We’re learning new vocabulary this week. Our topic is the house, and we’re covering daily activities, rooms in the house, and furniture. It’s a lot of new vocabulary, but our students are rising to the challenge. Every day we practice our activities with a song. The lyrics are simple and repetitive: I wake up, I brush my teeth, I wash my face. They love it! The students stand in a circle to sing and mime the activities. Many of them dance as well, showing off their moves. When it’s over they request the song again, and I tell them they will have to wait until the next class.

After our song, we usually sit in circle time and review the rooms of the house. The teachers constructed a poster-board model house with flaps that open to reveal the different rooms in the house. Each room is a different color, so we can also review our colors as we go through the rooms. The students love opening the flaps. We also have little cutout dolls with the daily routines from our songs, and students love to match these to their respective rooms in the house, and tuck them into the pockets in each room.

While we go through the house, we also review our furniture. We usually end with a quick review game. The final assessment of this unit is the most exciting part. Next week, students will be working in groups to make their own house models, featuring flaps and even some pop up furniture! The students are excited about it and eager to get started. The project will reinforce the vocabulary we’ve learned in a memorable, hands-on way, and our students will have a final product to show off and display. It will also require teamwork and cooperation, essential skills they will need to be successful in school and life.