My strongest belief

Changing a life through education

~ By Kristel

One month ago exactly I arrived to Isla Mujeres to start living a life changing experience; I became a VolunQuest intern. In many ways what mostly captured my attention and interest to participate in this experience, was that the objective of the program is aimed to change the life of the children of Isla Mujeres, through education.

I come from Guatemala and my desires of improvement have been possible because I have put a lot of effort and hard work into my education. Thanks to scholarships programs and dedication, I graduated from University and that opened many doors to grow personally and professionally. I see it every day back home, and now here in Mexico, the lack of opportunities and the necessity of children to get educated to be able to contribute that is has become a major interest to me. Being here these 30 days have reminded me all the great changes my life has had since I had the opportunity to educate myself, and I feel thankful for that. My life and the life of many around me wouldn’t be the same if I wouldn’t have had the chances to study, graduate, learn English and specialize my studies.

Education changed my life and the life of many around me, and that has been my daily motivation for the past 30 days; I want to contribute by giving the opportunity to these children to have what I had and contribute by educating them. Every day I communicate with the children, the parents, and the teachers. Every day my colleagues and I are trying to build, construct and nurture their future through our hard, passionate work to change their lives through education. It has been a challenge because of many reasons, but I strongly believe that our efforts and dedication will grow in so many ways that will have an impact in each of our students and even in future generations.