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We sponsor projects that aid the local community and environment. These projects have diverse aims including health & safety education, environmental awareness, animal rights, and arts education. In choosing the projects we support and commit to, we focus on organizations that empower the participants with knowledge and hands-on experience.

If you will be visiting the Isla Mujeres area and wish to volunteer in one of our community outreach projects, participate in our Library Reader Project in the primary public schools, or help chaperone outings during summer camp, sign-up to volunteer now!

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School Supply Campaign


Each year, VolunQuest and many foreign residents and visitors of Quintana Roo, Mexico collect new school supplies and used, good-condition early-learner English books for the public school children in our communities. You can donate to this ongoing project by bring down an extra suitcase with material donations on your next trip to Quintana Roo, Mexico.

If you plan to bring materials with you, please take a look at our WISH LIST and contact us at: for information on where you can drop off your donations.  Thank you so much for your generosity!

Library Reader Project

VolunQuest invites foreign residents and visitors to participate as library readers in the public primary schools. Come and read to the students during their 30 minute recess/lunch period at the schools where we teach. Library Time gives our students authentic opportunities to practice their new language skills and interact with native English speakers, while offering you a safe and appropriate way to visit and interact with the local children. The students adore our library readers and often flock to meet them at the gate. We have several regular readers who come once or twice a week, and also visitors who come for just a day during their vacation – any involvement is much appreciated!

For more information and how to sign up go to Volunteer Library Reader Program

Thank you!

Summer Camp Project

Each year during the students’ summer vacation, VolunQuest offers a 3-week intensive ESL summer camp for 1st-8th graders. In addition to providing English language education, we take our summer camp students on outings which, for most of them, are once in a lifetime. In previous years, we have gone to the planetarium in Cancun, Dolphin Discovery, the community garden in the community center and on a submarine to see the reefs that surround Isla Mujeres. Since our first year in 2013, the summer camp registration has more than tripled.

If you are interested in becoming involved please contact us at: Thank you!

Helmet Campaign

Most families in Isla Mujeres travel around by moped. It is not unusual to see 4-5 family members on one moped, often with the children wearing no helmets. VolunQuest has teamed up with the local government in an effort to eradicate this problem and keep our students and the local community safe. Every few months, VolunQuest distributes helmets to the children who are consistently arriving to school without them. In exchange for the helmet, we require the parents to sign a letter of responsibility through Public Security, allowing police to begin warning and later fining parents who do not ensure that their children are wearing helmets.

We have distributed over 500 helmets in Isla Mujeres, and there is still a great demand. If you are interested in more information please visit Isla Mujeres Helmets for Children Facebook page. Thank you!

Dental Health Campaign

Dental health is a major concern with our primary school children. Each year, VolunQuest distributes donated toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss to each one of our students.  VolunQuest has recently teamed up with a group of dentists from the U.S., and the Ministry of Education to grant the dentists access to perform oral examinations in each one of our schools.  Over 2,000 students now receive free oral exams from the Smile Foundation right in their schools.  If the student has a dental emergency, the parents are informed and the services are then provided free of charge to the family at the Community Center after school hours.

For more information please visit The Smile Foundation.

Athletic Shoe Campaign

The Athletic Department of the Ministry of Education has brought to our attention that many children in the schools where we teach do not have proper sneakers for gym class. Do you have gently used sneakers lying around your home that your children have outgrown? We accept new sneakers or used sneakers in good condition, for girls and boys from 1st-6th grade. They will be given directly to the children based on information given to us from the PE instructors. For many of these children, the pair that you donate could be the only pair of shoes they’ll receive this year.

Please contact us for information on sizes and where you can drop off your donations. Thank you!