Part of the Team

Part of the Team

~ By Manny

This month I was asked to participate in the Revolution Day parade. The Physical Education teacher, Victor and the Special Education teacher, Sandra asked me to help create large posters for the parade. Every day during recess, I helped paint posters of vintage Mexican toys. I was honored when Victor and Sandra asked me to march in the parade. On Revolution Day, I made it to the downtown area at 7:30 a.m. I marched with my first and second graders. Also, I would like to add that my first and second grade kiddos had the posters I hand painted.

After the parade finished, the director of my school asked me to join her for breakfast. At breakfast, Victor and Sandra told me they’ve never asked any of the previous English teacher to march with them and help prep for school events. Then, they told me that I was part of the team. I was truly touched to hear this. It made me feel appreciated. I told them this school was perfect school for me and I was glad to be part of this team.

However, let me be honest, I was nervous coming into this school five months back. I was working with all the directors of the other primary schools and a lot of intense children. But, as time when on I got to know how amazing the students, the parents, the staff, and the teachers are. When the school day ends, I normally sit on this bench and chat with everyone. Although, I could go home as soon as I finish my last class, I prefer to stay to talk to the staff, the teachers, the students, and the parents. It’s been really nice sharing stories. It’s going to be really hard leaving this team. I’ve become used to the routine and the energy. I have less than a month left with my school and I plan to be in the moment for each day.