TEFL Certification Program Information

What’s the program all about?

With VolunQuest’s TEFL Certification Program, you get to live and work in some of the most beautiful places on Earth. We offer unrivaled ESL teaching experience and full-immersion opportunities in the much sought-after destinations of Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

As a member of our full-immersion program, you are given the opportunity to become a part of the local community.  You will be living and working side-by-side with the locals, providing free ESL lessons specifically to the children/young-learners in the primary public schools (grades 1-6). This truly rewarding experience allows you to give something back to the community, while at the same time, gain invaluable teaching experience, language skills, and lasting memories. As a volunteer or intern, you will be able to enjoy all the pleasures these stunning destinations have to offer, with secure living arrangements and full support from VolunQuest.

What’s unique about VolunQuest?

VolunQuest offers the exclusive opportunity to teach The National English Curriculum in the primary public schools (grades 1-6) of Quintana Roo, Mexico. VolunQuest is the first and only private organization in the Republic of Mexico that implements the National English Curriculum in the public schools, and this is the ONLY opportunity that exists for foreigners to teach in the public schools here. The value of this program is immeasurable for your future scholastic and professional goals.

VolunQuest’s Program is unique for many reasons, however, the most important is that you will be providing an English language education in an environment where it is a necessity, not a luxury. Your students need to learn English in order to become successful members of their economy and society. There are many ESL opportunities abroad that help teachers gain valuable experience and growth, but very few have the level of need and effect on the community as the Volunquest Program.

What are the benefits?

  • A TEFL Certificate through the Mexican Ministry of Education (4 week program minimum)
  • Accreditation certificate for teaching hours earned (2 or 3 week program)
  • Orientation and intensive training upon arrival
  • Collaborative lesson planning and material creation
  • Monday-Friday work week (with some exceptions for special events)
  • Continuous training and supervision throughout the program
  • Access to office materials which include young learner books, school supplies, a printer/copy machine, printer paper, teaching materials, ESL teaching guides and references, etc.
  • Full-immersion in the local community
  • Participation in VolunQuest sponsored outreach events
  • A letter of recommendation upon successful completion of the program
  • Living and working in Isla Mujeres!

What are the requirements?

  • 18 years or older
  • High school graduate
  • Minimum of 2 week commitment

*If you meet these requirements and can commit to 6 months with VolunQuest, please take a look to see if you are qualified for our Program Scholarship.