Revolution Day Festivities

Coming together as a community

~ By Maggie

It is funny how a revolution, something so divisive and combative, can create a legacy that brings so many people together. On November 20, I had the pleasure of experiencing Revolution Day with my school in a parade. There was a ton of preparation involved, and some of my English classes were even cancelled once or twice for practice; however, it was definitely worth it for my students to be able to share this experience and part of their culture with me. The whole school participated in the parade, and every grade was assigned a different region of Mexico to represent, from our very own Quintana Roo to Campeche and Yucatan. They carried signs with their region’s names and representatives from each class dressed in traditional clothing from the region. Then, the students would march to typical music of that region with fun dance moves and props. I have to give major praise to our physical education teacher because he coordinated pretty much everything for over 400 students! The fifth and sixth graders even made human pyramids….just another thing that would never fly in the States, but it went off without a hitch and no one was injured, thank goodness! I marched with the first graders, which was absolutely adorable. They needed the most help remembering the movements and staying in line, so it worked out well for me to march with them; but I also got the chance to watch and help out most of the grades with their practices at least once or twice and the kids were always so excited to show off for me, which was so endearing. It was a very long day of marching because there were so many people in the parade, and more than once the biggest part of my job was encouraging the little first graders to keep going and that we were almost done. Although it was tiring and hot, the kids really enjoyed the parade and it was a really special bonding experience to share that with them. At the end of the parade, all the teachers made sure the kids found their parents and we celebrated a job well-done back at the school by all eating lunch together. I could not have asked for a better day with both my students and teachers and to have felt so included as part of a community that has become like home for me.