Summer Camp Madness

“Teacher, Me Encanta el Campamento”

~ By Jasmine

As a teacher at Andrés Quintana Roo, I thought I had built good connections and relationships with my student, as strong as they can be with 300+ students halfway into the semester. However, it wasn’t until Summer Camp started that I was able to connect with my students on a deeper level that truly made my experience on Isla unforgettable. I was lucky enough to teach our youngest students, the first graders. With only seven students, I was able to do a ton of fun activities and give each of them the attention they deserve.

As our sub theme, I chose to focus on Science in Art, with our final project being two murals made of recycled plastic bottle caps the students designed themselves. Luckily, the mural festival was happening at the same time and some of the artists generously donated their time to work with my students. We had just done a lesson on the color wheel and when one of the artists asked them about mixing colors, they quickly and loudly answered in perfect English. I’ve never been prouder. It was one of the many times I was able to witness first-hand just how much our students have benefited from the English program and how much they truly enjoy learning the language. Hearing my students say they’ll be returning to next year’s camp, because they loved this one so much, made all the paint on clothes and constantly sticky surfaces from juice spills more than worth it.

My students weren’t the only ones doing the learning. Throughout my time working with them, I’ve learned to be patient but stern. To be kind without being a pushover when my little chiqirinsitos bat their eyes at me. Most importantly, to be open and receptive of anyone and everyone you are lucky enough to meet because you will always, always walk away inspired to be or do better.