Teacher! My name is…

By far the highlight of my day is when I return to the school for my afternoon session. After passing by all the parents dropping off their children for class, I head toward the picnic tables that are in the middle of school. As I walk toward the tables, I begin to hear “Teacher! Teacher! Teacher!” I am greeted by the hugs and smiles of multiple students, some of whom I do not yet know.

Once I  reach the tables, I am swarmed by multiple students who wave their hand and say “Hello!” Several students stop to say, “My name is ______.” It is content that we have covered and mastered, and they feel proud to show me what they have learned. Other students approach and ask me if today is their turn for English class. They are all excited about the opportunity to learn something new and exciting.

As you can imagine, I cannot ask for a better start to my afternoon. Their smiles and hugs make me feel welcomed and loved by my new little students, and it excites me and energizes me to know that they are learning! I look forward to the day when I can not only greet them in English, but ask them about their morning, their families, and other topics in English, and know that they have an even bigger and brighter future with their new language skills!