Teacher Teacher!

Meeting and working with my students

~ By Rachel

I have been here on Isla now for over one month! And so far it has been an intense yet worthwhile experience. Within the first few hours of arriving to the house I felt at home already and very welcomed by the other interns and volunteers.  However the biggest and warmest welcome was from the children who I was to be teaching. I have never seen such enthusiastic and loving children towards a teacher. They just absolutely adore all of us, and their excitement to learn English makes it so much easier. Within half an hour of being in the first class my t-shirt was covered in little stickers that they kept all giving to me. That is what touches me the most about the kids – their generosity. They are constantly giving me little stickers, offering me some of their snack, and one little girl even tried to give me a piece of jewellery which I had to refuse but she did seem quite offended. It’s funny how the ones with less than others can be more giving.

rachel-6You feel like a bit of celebrity here as every time I leave my house, go out cycling or go to the supermarket I constantly hear, ‘teacher, teacher’ and there is a little person hanging out their window or running out their house onto the street to wave at you. Even at the school they just swarm you. I have never had so many cuddles in my life! I’ve actually nearly been bowled over a few times when I enter the classroom with them all running up to hug me!

It makes teaching so much easier and most of all so much fun! The youngest is first grade who even when they are wild and you cannot control them, just cannot help but make you smile. They are adorable! In order to calm them down I just start singing which they absolutely love. My head now is just always filled with songs such as, ‘how’s the weather, it’s sunny,’ or ‘if your happy, happy, happy clap your hands.’

Overall I have been so surprised by the students, in such a good way. I didn’t expect such enthusiasm from the children and to be having as much fun as I am in the classroom.