Test Time

testtimeAt the end of every unit block we put our teaching skills to the test and see how well the material is being absorbed by our students. Since we are teaching at the first grade level and the students are still learning their reading and writing skills the exam is done orally. This past unit of vocabulary consisted of Daily calendar, weather, numbers, colors, and places. At the beginning of every unit block it seems overwhelming  the about of material to cover but the students here rise up to the challenge and sure enough 12 lessons later they are confident and prepared. This past exam was no exception. Students passed with flying colors and left their English teachers with smiling faces. what makes teaching these students so easy and successful is they are excited about learning English and even at such a young age know the importance of it. Everyday in the classroom they come full of energy and smiles, ready to learn!…. and it makes the English teachers want to show off a little bit :)