Turtle Release

Yesterday, Volunquest had the great pleasure to host a sea turtle release. On the island, there is a conservation program, and at the turtle farm there are thousands of sea turtles that are hatching and ready to be released back into the ocean. I have attended turtle releases on the island before, but I had never had the opportunity to be an active part of the release.

In the days leading up to the release, we sent home notes to our students and made phone calls, inviting them all to go to the beach and take part in the event. We all arrived at the beach and began putting out little tables for the children to sit at and color. Quickly, the tables were full of eager and excited children. I never counted but I know we had well over 100 students sitting at the tables coloring pictures of turtles. The staff and volunteers of Volunquest stayed very busy interacting with the children and their parents, passing out coloring sheets and crayons, and telling people about our great new company and its many projects.

I was so excited to see the great turnout. Heather, the other teacher, and I both saw many of our current and former students, and we were very happy to see them and give lots of hugs! It was a fun environment with lots of great energy, and the children were running everywhere, eating snacks sold by vendors, playing in the sand with their friends, coloring their pictures and waiting for the turtles.

Finally, the truck arrived with the baby sea turtles and all the students headed toward the beach with their families and their buckets in their hands. Around 2,000 turtles were placed in the buckets of island children. They walked to the sand, put them down, wished them well, and sent them off into the ocean! It was an amazing afternoon and a successful event for the island and Volunquest. I look forward to our next community event! Thanks to all the volunteers and to all of our students and their families for taking part in the turtle release!!