When the opportunity arises, take it!

Just Say Yes!

~ By Brittany

It has now reached the halfway mark of my time here in Isla Mujeres. Wow! Three months have flown by, I am at a loss for words for how incredible everything has been up to this point. I want to rewind time a little bit though now and talk about my first day in my third grade class. Many of my students were writing and handing me notes with either a heart or a rainbow with my name on the front but there was this one child who wrote me a special note. He had just met me but was confident enough to hand me a note that read “Teacher, I want to invite you to my house in the colonia. Check yes or no.” It was one of the sweetest gestures! His name was Juan Daniel.

A couple of weeks later, I was in the middle of teaching a lesson to my fourth grade class. It was still early in the morning, about 7:30 am, when the Maestro asks me if I can step outside of the classroom for a second because the mother of one of my students wanted to speak with me. “Oh no, what did I do to make her come all the way to the school to speak with me” I thought to myself. I was very nervous because I was still a new teacher at the school and was still learning to fit into this new environment. When I saw her, she told me her name was Janet and greeted me with a kiss. She immediately thanked me for coming to the school to teach the children. She then proceeded to ask me if I could give private English lessons to her husband. I accepted. I started giving English lessons three times a week to her husband whose name is Juan Daniel. What a coincidence. He just so happened to be the father of Juan Daniel from my third grade class.

brittany-3-2Fast forward to this month. Janet and I have been building our friendship whether through lunch dates or afternoons spent at her house eating dinner and hanging out with her children. Through accepting to give English classes to her husband I have had the opportunity to become more a part of this beautiful community here in Isla Mujeres. Being a teacher is not only a job spent inside of the school boarders but also spent joining people in their everyday life.

It has been such a pleasure to see how one little decision has blossomed into something so beautiful. Janet has been so kind and helpful to me over these past couple of months and Juan Daniel’s behavior in class has improved tremendously because of the friendship I have been able to create with his family. Whenever I see him in school he loves to brag to his friends that “The Teacher” came to his house and hung out with him. Sometimes in life, we have to just say ‘yes!’ because we never know where it will lead!